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Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick was elected lieutenant governor of Texas in 2014, winning the general election by almost 20 points, including historic levels of support from women and Hispanic voters.

A principled and committed conservative, Lt. Gov. Patrick leads the fight to secure the border, reduce property and business taxes, protect our Second Amendment, defend innocent life, reform education and address the state's infrastructure challenges to keep the Texas economy strong.

In his first term as lieutenant governor, Patrick successfully pushed to nearly triple funding for border security. He also successfully led the way to provide lasting property and business tax relief for homeowners and businesses across the state. Under his leadership, the Senate passed school accountability legislation so that every public school campus in the state will receive an A - F rating. The 84th legislative session was pronounced one of the most conservative, successful and productive in history.

Prior to being elected lieutenant governor, Patrick served eight years in the State Senate where his achievements included major education reforms as well as legislation to protect life and religious liberty.

Before entering public service, Lt. Gov. Patrick was a successful small-businessman, a conservative radio talk host, a television anchor, a Christian author and a Christian movie producer. His film The Heart of Texas won Best Film made in Texas in 2009. That film led to his helping establish the first prison seminary in Texas history.

Patrick has helped raise over $10 million dollars for children with disabilities and helped countless other charities over the years.

Patrick has been married to his wife Jan, a former schoolteacher, for 41 years. They have two children and four grandchildren.