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Senate Audio/Video Archive — 2017
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Date Program Title Duration Play
02/23/17Senate Committee on Nominations01h:00mplay
02/23/17Senate Committee on Education02h:59mplay
02/22/17Senate Session01h:32mplay
02/22/17Senate Committee on Transportation02h:15mplay
02/22/17Senate Committee on Higher Education01h:46mplay
02/22/17Senate Committee on Health & Human Services00h:07mplay
02/22/17Press Conference: Senator Sylvia Garcia
Regarding Senate Bill 997, relating to peace officer enforcement of federal immigration law at places of worship, hospitals, public schools, and courthouses. Joined by SB 997 co-authors Senators José Menéndez and José Rodríguez; and others.
02/21/17Senate Session01h:19mplay
02/16/17Senate Committee on State Affairs03h:05mplay
02/15/17Senate Session01h:21mplay
02/15/17Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs & Border Security02h:10mplay
02/15/17Senate Committee on Nominations
(Audio only.)
02/15/17Senate Committee on Health & Human Services (Part II)03h:10mplay
02/15/17Senate Committee on Health & Human Services (Part I)02h:02mplay
02/15/17Press Conference: Senator Konni Burton
Regarding proposals to reform civil asset forfeiture in Texas. Joined by Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa; Representatives Terry Canales, Matt Krause, Matt Schaefer, Phil Stephenson, and Senfronia Thompson; and others.
02/14/17Senate Session00h:54mplay
02/14/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)03h:25mplay
02/14/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)01h:36mplay
02/14/17Press Conference: Senator John Whitmire
Regarding the filing of Senate Bill 884, the Harris County Taxpayer Protection Act. Joined by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Senators Paul Bettencourt, Sylvia Garcia, Lois Kolkhorst, and Borris Miles.
02/14/17Press Conference: Senator Dawn Buckingham
Regarding local immigration enforcement policies. Joined by Senators Paul Bettencourt, Brian Birdwell, Konni Burton, Donna Campbell, Brandon Creighton, Bob Hall, Bryan Hughes, Don Huffines, Lois Kolkhorst, Charles Perry, Larry Taylor, and Van Taylor; and others.
02/13/17Senate Session00h:34mplay
02/13/17Senate Committee on State Affairs04h:25mplay
02/13/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)00h:43mplay
02/13/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)03h:33mplay
02/13/17Press Conference: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
Regarding Senate Bill 10, relating to insurance claims and certain prohibited acts and practices in the business of insurance. Joined by SB 10 co-authors Senators Brian Birdwell, Kelly Hancock, and Larry Taylor.
02/09/17Senate Committee on Nominations01h:22mplay
02/09/17Senate Committee on Finance08h:13mplay
02/08/17Senate Session02h:33mplay
02/08/17Senate Committee on Higher Education00h:05mplay
02/08/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)05h:20mplay
02/08/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)01h:46mplay
02/07/17Senate Session (Part II)06h:19mplay
02/07/17Senate Session (Part I)02h:21mplay
02/07/17Press Conference: Senator Don Huffines
Regarding conservative budgeting and taxing principles.
02/06/17Senate Session00h:58mplay
02/06/17Senate Committee on Finance03h:35mplay
02/06/17Press Conference: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
An update regarding Senate Bill 6, the Texas Privacy Act. Joined by SB 6 author Senator Lois Kolkhorst and Senators Paul Bettencourt, Donna Campbell, Brandon Creighton, Bob Hall, Kelly Hancock, Don Huffines, Bryan Hughes, and Charles Perry.
02/03/17Senate Session00h:00mplay
02/03/17Senate Finance Committee Workgroup on Healthcare Cost06h:10mplay
02/02/17Senate Committee on State Affairs16h:15mplay
02/02/17Senate Committee on Nominations01h:06mplay
02/02/17Senate Committee on Health & Human Services05h:36mplay
02/02/17Senate Committee on Finance03h:59mplay
02/01/17Senate Session (Part III)
Reading and referral of bills.
02/01/17Senate Session (Part II): Joint Session
Joint Session with the House of Representatives; Chief Justice Nathan Hecht delivers the biennial State of the Judiciary address.
02/01/17Senate Session (Part I)00h:36mplay
02/01/17Senate Committee on State Affairs00h:59mplay
02/01/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)03h:01mplay
02/01/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)01h:16mplay
02/01/17Press Conference: Senator Paul Bettencourt
Regarding Senate Bill 4, relating to the enforcement by certain governmental entities of state and federal laws governing immigration and to the duties of law enforcement agencies concerning certain arrested persons. Joined by SB 4 author Senator Charles Perry, and Senators Brian Birdwell, Dawn Buckingham, Donna Campbell, Brandon Creighton, Craig Estes, Bob Hall, Don Huffines, Bryan Hughes, and Van Taylor.
01/31/17Senate Session (Part II): Joint Session
Joint Session with the House of Representatives; Governor Greg Abbott delivers the biennial State of the State address.
01/31/17Senate Session (Part I)00h:17mplay
01/31/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)07h:55mplay
01/31/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)01h:14mplay
01/30/17Senate Session01h:10mplay
01/30/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)03h:09mplay
01/30/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)03h:05mplay
01/30/17Press Conference: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
Regarding Senate Bill 3, relating to the establishment of an education savings account program and a tax credit scholarship and educational expense assistance program. Joined by SB 3 author Senator Larry Taylor; Senators Paul Bettencourt, Donna Campbell, Bob Hall, Don Huffines, Van Taylor, Charles Schwertner; and others.
01/27/17Senate Committee on Education, Senate Finance Workgroup on School Finance03h:26mplay
01/27/17Senate Committee on Education00h:02mplay
01/26/17Senate Committee on Nominations02h:07mplay
01/26/17Senate Committee on Finance08h:37mplay
01/25/17Senate Session00h:59mplay
01/25/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)07h:19mplay
01/25/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)01h:46mplay
01/25/17Press Conference: Senator Van Taylor
Regarding the filing of Senate Bill 14, a package of ethics reform measures. Joined by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Senators Creighton, Hall, and Whitmire.
01/25/17Press Conference: Senator Royce West
Regarding the appointment of African Americans and other minorities to the University of Texas system Board of Regents. Joined by Senators Miles and Rodriguez; Representatives Collier, Gervin-Hawkins, Giddings, and Jarvis; and others.
01/25/17Press Conference: Senator Don Huffines
Regarding Senate Bill 610, relating to the state virtual school network.
01/24/17Senate Session00h:47mplay
01/24/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part II)05h:51mplay
01/24/17Senate Committee on Finance (Part I)01h:38mplay
01/23/17Senate Session00h:19mplay
01/23/17Senate Committee on Finance01h:24mplay
01/23/17Senate Committee on Administration
Audio only.
01/18/17Senate Session00h:11mplay
01/17/17Senate Session00h:24mplay
01/17/17Health and Human Services Transition Legislative Oversight Committee01h:58mplay
01/12/17Press Conference: Senator Kel Seliger
Regarding Senate Bill 463, relating to the use of individual graduation committees to satisfy certain public high school graduation requirements. Joined by Rep. Dan Huberty, and others.
01/12/17Press Conference: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
Regarding Senate Bill 12, relating to the creation of a grant program to assist law enforcement agencies with the purchase of bulletproof vests. Joined by Senator Royce West, and others.
01/11/17Sunset Advisory Commission03h:50mplay
01/11/17Senate Session00h:53mplay
01/10/17Senate Session
Opening Day of the 85th Legislature
01/05/17Press Conference: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
Regarding the filing of Senate Bill 6, the Texas Privacy Act. Joined by Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst, the author of SB 6.