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Senator Brandon Creighton: District 4
News Release
May 14, 2024
Contact: Erin Wilson
Senator Brandon Creighton Statement on the Higher Education Subcommittee Hearing

Austin, Texas – Today: Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) chaired the first interim hearing for the Senate Subcommittee on Higher Education to monitor the implementation and compliance of Senate Bill 17 and discuss antisemitism and free speech policies on Texas college campuses. Senator Creighton offered the following statement:

"In the wake of the 2020 and 2021 protests, a vocal faction of faculty sought to reshape our campuses. They demanded buildings be renamed, curricula rewritten to align with their political ideology, statues be removed, and job candidates take political loyalty oaths to be considered for employment. University administrations permitted this behavior and spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to create more administrative bloat in the name of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion—a divisive policy that has made no progress in increasing diversity on Texas college campuses.

Recently, both nationwide and here in Texas, we have seen pro-Hamas protestors on campus demand that Texas divest from Israel and harass Jewish students on campus.

The rise of DEI and the actions of outside agitators are both examples of small groups of individuals who believe they can control Texas higher education and force institutions to bend to their demands. But we will not tolerate this in Texas.

University chancellors testified on their implementation of Senate Bill 17 and their progress in returning their institutions to the core mission of innovation and education. The committee also heard compelling testimony on growing antisemitism on campus, the importance of First Amendment rights, and ensuring public safety for all Texans on campus.

I appreciate the many Texans who shared their opinions, especially UT student Levi Fox for his testimony on the real threats Jewish students are facing on campus. I am encouraged to hear that Texas colleges and universities have implemented innovative programs to recruit students that reflect the diversity of our state.

Today’s hearing will lay the groundwork for important legislation that I will work to advance in the 89th legislative session."