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Brian Birdwell

Pete Flores


Shelby Sterling

Jennifer Trevino

(512) 463-0276

Sam Houston Building, 340

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88th Third Called Session

88th First Called Session

88th Regular Session

Interim Charges

  • Securing the Texas-Mexico Border: Review state and local agencies' participation in border security. Examine the impact of transnational criminal activity on commerce including, but not limited to, organized crime fuel theft to fund criminal operations. Make recommendations to support and strengthen interagency border operations to combat criminal enterprises.
  • Support for Border Security Personnel: Consider the effect on personnel who have actively served or participated in Operation Lone Star and the impact of their service on their health and well-being, and their regular employment or assignments outside of Operation Lone Star. Study the challenges and barriers that affect the recruitment and retention of personnel engaged in border security efforts.
  • Monitoring: Monitor the implementation of legislation addressed by the Senate Committee on Border Security passed by the 88th Legislature, as well as relevant agencies and programs under the committee's jurisdiction. Specifically, make recommendations for any legislation needed to improve, enhance, or complete implementation of the following:
    • Senate Bill 602, relating to the law enforcement authority of federal border patrol agents;
    • Senate Bill 1133, relating to a program to compensate landowners for property damage caused by certain criminal activities; and
    • Senate Bill 1484, relating to a border operations training program for peace officers employed by local law enforcement agencies.