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Senate District 31 Disaster Preparedness Resources
(Download this guide in PDF format)

If you or someone you know is immediate/life-threatening danger, please dial 9-1-1 to speak with emergency services and seek assistance.

In the unfortunate event of a disaster, the Office of Texas Senator Kevin Sparks is committed to serving and protecting our constituents through all stages in the disaster relief process:

  • Preparation
  • Disaster
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Mitigation

Note: Senator Sparks' offices cannot guarantee the outcome in any constituent matter, we will ensure a fair and timely review of the casework request(s) - even those relating to disaster recovery.

In any case, the Senator's office(s) will coordinate with the Texas Division of Emergency Management (Texas A&M University System), Texas General Land Office, Local/State-level law enforcement agencies, FEMA, the Office of the Governor, Texas Department of Transportation, and other state agencies involved in the disaster mitigation/recovery process. Each disaster is a unique situation. Throughout the process, the Senator's office(s) will remain in contact with TDEM Emergency Contacts, Mayors, or County Judges in combined efforts to solve these complex and evolving situations.

The best way to lessen the impact of expected and unexpected disasters is to prepare in advance with concrete plans of action. This webpage will provide constituents with quick links and services to state agency (and some federal) disaster preparation webpages. This information will remain a vital point of reference in disaster situations should one arise.

This webpage will be separated into general reference pages and service/information portal access points. Please use situational awareness and factor in your personal situation when using this information. The phone numbers for the Senator's offices are located on the main Senate webpage. For quick reference, the Austin office number is (512) 463-0131.

Please click on the LINK next to each reference point for a redirect shortcut to the attached webpage.

For the Texas Division of Emergency Management, the Panhandle portion of the district is in Region 1 and the Permian Basin portion is in Region 7.


Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM): LINK

TDEM Warming Center Information (updated consistently): LINK

Texas Ready Preparation Information: LINK

Texas Ready Natural Disasters Quick Reference: LINK

Texas Health and Human Services Preparation Resources: LINK

Office of the Texas Governor - Emergency Management: LINK

Business & Community Emergency Preparation Resources: LINK

Texas General Land Office Preparedness: LINK

FEMA (Federal) Disaster Ready Information: LINK

FEMA Disasters and Emergencies: LINK

FEMA Region 6 (Texas) Webpage: LINK

National Weather Service Safety Tips: LINK

Panhandle - Xcel Energy Power Outage Map: LINK

ERCOT Grid and Market Conditions: LINK

Permian Basin - ONCOR Power Outage Map: LINK

Texas Public Utility Commission of Texas Storm Resources: LINK


National Weather Service Radar: LINK

National Weather Service Watches, Warnings, or Advisories (TX): LINK

United States Geological Service Earthquakes Map: LINK

Texas Association of Builders Natural Disaster Recovery Information: LINK

FEMA Community Emergency Response Team Education Resources: LINK

Texas A&M Forest Service Incident Viewer (wildfires): LINK

Texas Wildfire Data and Information: LINK

Please monitor local weather and news stations for on-the-ground information updates outside of consulting this Senate webpage.

The ethics rules governing the Texas Senate, and its Members, prohibit state Senators elected to the Legislature from intervening in or influencing the outcome of any case under the jurisdiction of any legal dispute. In addition, we cannot office any legal advice or recommend an attorney. Included is a list of non-profit legal-aid organizations that may be able to assist the constituent with a matter legal in nature.

For legal assistance, the constituent may refer to:

Texas Lawyer Referral Service ( or (888) 635-6050

  • Amarillo, TX phone number: (806) 375-4400
  • Midland, TX phone number: (432) 348-4400

**This is a free service and a non-profit community organization.

For general reference, please report damage to personal property with FEMA, local disaster recovery groups, and insurance groups (if you have property insurance) as soon as possible. This information will determine the quantity of relief and aid packages your community could qualify for in case of disaster recovery situations.

Again, if you need legal assistance relating to disaster recovery or potential fraud cases relating to disaster recovery, please use the legal resources mentioned above. The Office of Senator Sparks cannot guarantee the outcome of a legal situation, nor provide legal consultation on any matters.

Please observe and follow all requests and instructions from local and state level disaster prevention entities/agencies so they can safeguard as many community members as possible. This list of resources is not exhaustive and other support groups that are not connected to the state or federal government are available to assist in various capacities.


As always, we encourage the public to call 2-1-1 or visit when seeking resources.

TDEM can work closely with several key stakeholders throughout all stages of disaster across the state. These organizations include the local food bank, United Way, area community foundation, local Salvation Army unit, and local American Red Cross Chapters.

Below is some basic information on each of these organizations.

  • Texas Panhandle VOAD: LINK
  • High Plains Food Bank LINK
  • West Texas Food Bank: LINK
  • United Way of Amarillo and Canyon: LINK
  • Lubbock Area United Way: LINK
  • United Way of Midland: LINK
  • Amarillo Area Foundation: LINK
  • The Community Foundation of West Texas: LINK
  • Permian Basin Area Foundation: LINK
  • Salvation Army – Amarillo Area Command: LINK
  • Salvation Army – Lubbock Area – South Plains Command: LINK
  • Salvation Army – Midland Area: LINK
  • American Red Cross of North Texas Region – Panhandle Plains – Amarillo and Lubbock: LINK
  • American Red Cross of Central and South Texas – Permian Basin: LINK

In any disaster situation, we encourage you to remain calm and informed with the most updated information regarding your situation. Help is always on the way. Always have a plan of action and planned emergency exit routes.

Remain proactive in preparing and protecting yourself and family from natural disasters.

Again, if you are experiencing a life threating situation and are currently in danger, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.